Carpet CleaningCleaning your home every day is something we all have to think about and prioritize, but rarely do we think about our carpets and what is best for them. It is recommended that your carpets should be cleaned by professionals every four to six months, but at least once a year; some warranties are considered void on your carpet if it is not professionally cleaned at least once a year. It is a fact that keeping your carpets clean is very important if you want a clean and healthy home with minimal unnecessary expenses. Vacuuming, deep cleaning and stain removal on carpets are very beneficial in reducing stains, ground-in dirt, allergens, bacteria, and other foreign substances which will help your home look cleaner, your carpet look fresher, your home smell better and reduce health risks.

Vacuuming is the first line of defense. It is recommended that a person should vacuum in a home at least once per week per person in the household. Vacuuming will remove surface dirt. With the surface dirt gone there will be less ground-in dirt to cut up your carpet fibers from deep within which can ruin the carpet. The best vacuums to choose would be ones that has good filtration, dual motors, a beater bar or rotating brush, and a top-loading bag. The dual motor allows for one to focus on the beater bar or rotating brush to help loosen up the dirt while the other can focus on suction.

Carpet CleaningA good deep cleaning should be done at least once ever year or two for the best results. The deep carpet cleaning will get up what ever the vacuum has left behind over time and help keep your home looking spiffy. The machine and chemicals will kill off any harmful allergens, fungi, bacteria and anything else that has been hiding from your vacuum and it will also loosen up the dirt that has sunken beneath what the vacuum can retrieve. This all will reduce the wear and tear on your carpets and help you get the best use out of them. When deep cleaning your carpets you can either rent a machine and do it yourself, or call a professional to come in and help; with a professional, just know what services you might need including stairs, specific stain removal and the moving of furniture. Always vacuum the carpet first, then add detergent, followed by brushing in the detergents, extracting the hot water, letting it dry and finally vacuuming once more.

Stain removal is more for an aesthetic purpose, but no one really wants to look at carpet stains all day if they do not have to. There are many home-remedies for various types of stains that you could find from friends, family, or even just by looking online. Some of the best things to have on-hand are club soda, nail polish remover, non-bleach laundry detergent, ammonia, and white vinegar. Re-carpeting a whole home can get expensive, but maintenance will save your carpets reduce that cost.