Cleaning your carpets frequently is vital to preserving their longevity. Vacuuming and spot treating your carpet routinely really helps out, but deep cleaning your carpets at least once every year or so is a necessity. The most common was of deep cleaning carpets is by using the hot water extraction method which is also know as “steam cleaning” your carpets. This method can do wonders for worn out carpets.

Carpet CleaningTo start with, hot water extraction carpet cleaning uses an extremely hot water spray to loosen up dirt from deep within the carpet fibers and then vacuum it back up all in one go. At the same time it also kills off harmful bacteria because of the high heat. This action of “steam cleaning” does not actually use steam in the process, but sometimes steam does escape since the water is typically kept anywhere from 120-250 degree Fahrenheit. This method typically starts with a precondition alkaline treatment for the soiled surface and is then followed by light agitation. After the appropriate amount of time has passed for the agent to have processed, the surface is passed over by either a manual or automatic cleaning tool several times to rinse out the preconditioner. After ample drying time, your carpets so look practically brand new.

To use this method in your home, there are a couple of different options in going about it. You could choose to bring in a portable steam cleaning system or could you call in a truck-mounted unit where only the hose and floor tool are brought inside. From a health standpoint, the truck-mounted way is recommended since the humidity and dirty air are vented outdoors instead of inside where you reside. Also, the truck-mounted system is typically much more powerful which allows them to do a better cleaning job and reduce the time it takes for your carpets to dry.

Carpet CleaningHot water extraction does have some disadvantages with this method. With some of the equipment out, it can be hard to manage without being well trained with a lot of skill. If the equipment is not functioning properly or the operator is not appropriately skilled, then the carpets could potentially become over wetted. The amount of time it takes for your carpets to dry versus other methods tends to be a lot longer as well. Also, if the equipment is not properly cared for, then it could have some pretty high maintenance costs.

There are a multitude of advantages for the hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning. First off, most carpet manufacturers recognize it as the preferred cleaning method. With the equipment out today, it is one of the most efficient methods for cleaning your carpets as well and they are always working to find more effective and efficient ways for designing their new machines. When compared to other cleaning methods, the steam cleaning tends to leave behind a lot less residue. Also, this method has a very low chemical cost and costs are very important.