Upholstery CleaningUpholstery cleaning is a tricky process which is best handled by specially qualified, professional cleaners. This is so, because most examples of upholstery found around the home or office, are made of delicate materials and fabrics which don’t tolerate conventional cleaning, and will likely be damaged quite easily by aggressive or inappropriate cleaning attempts. Upholsteries, even when they seem in relatively good shape, usually require detailed, specialised cleaning, how so? The average upholstery sees a lot of daily use, much like the carpet.

Upholsteries though, are not only exposed to a generous amount of dirt, dust, pollen and bacteria, but they are also in almost daily contact with the human body. Constant contact with the human body means the upholstery will also be exposed to hairs, dead skin cells, body oils and body odours which can really make the upholstery unpleasant to the eye, and to the touch. Our professional upholstery cleaning in London is the most efficient and affordable way to keep your non-leather furniture looking better and feeling fresher for longer.

Upholstery CleaningThe cleaning methods we use and the materials we apply are perfectly suited for all types of non-leather upholsteries and will not damage or affect their colour fastness, dimensions or otherwise alter their appearance for the worse. As always, our specialised London upholstery cleaning is carried out by a team of specially trained cleaning technicians who will approach the job with utmost care and precision. The cleaners will choose the most effective yet sparing method to clean your upholsteries, this is determined by a careful assessment of the type of upholstery fabric or material, and the level of staining or soiling to which the upholstery has been exposed.  As customers can see, we take the time and effort to choose the most appropriate way to clean the upholstery, so customers should rule out the application of any conventional or homemade cleaning treatments.

Our specialised upholstery cleaning in London will prove to be the most efficient and hassle-free cleaning solution at your disposal. The entire cleaning process takes place on site, there will be no need to take off the upholsteries or take them to another location. The materials and equipment we apply allow for effective cleaning of any size upholstery. Our London upholstery cleaning service is great value for money, and always delivers exceptional quality results without risk of damage. The service is available all week round.